Three Kingdoms


Session 1

Participants: All PCs

For the protection of the identity of this campaign, names and places may have been altered

A long long time ago, in a universe parallel but actually not that far away….

For the sole reason of being foreign to the city of Cassomir, our PCs were rounded up and detained for the kidnapping and murder of Brendon Redcoin, son of Lord Johnathan Redcoin. Confronted with false witnesses and fast-tracked to the gallows by Magistrate Pedrum Bailor, the players only had one more night of living to look forward to.

Determined to avoid hanging the players escaped with the help of a regular to the Cassomir jails, “Red”. Raising an alarm and needing to hide, “Red” sought the help of Maggie Atell. Maggie was willing to hide the PCs in the hidden cellar but at a price…


phoenik phoenik

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