Three Kingdoms

In need of a backup plan

Session 2

Participants: Nhi, Chico, Aaron, Nick, Nydia, Marie

Kidnapping seems to be a common occurrence in Cassomir. Angry for the lack of justice over her kidnapped son, [[Raymond Atell], and desperate to return him home, Maggie blackmailed the players into traveling to a nearby island known as Shurna to retrieve him and make his captors pay. With “Red” having disappeared on the players, they had little sway or support against this woman and her demands.

Shortly upon arriving on the island, the players discover that a local flora exists on the island that has been known to make the islanders sick. As a result the small hut of Medicinewoman Dolores Quinn had become the hub of the only small town on the island. While Dolores came from good stock, she is clearly a hack. Barely keeping people alive on recipes that her foremothers passed down, Dolores is inundated with patients, making her short with the players. Desperate for help, she agreed to answer questions in exchange for help. It seemed what Maggie left out was that she hadn’t been sending the necessary medicine that allows the people of Shurna to work and eke out their meager existence. Furthermore, it seems Maggie manages all trade to the island, effectively creating an embargo that had already shown to have a lethal effect. Raymond found out about his mothers dealings and actually ran away to help the islanders. Deciding they could kill two birds with one stone, the players decided to help Dolores collect some rare ingredients needed to make a brew to help the sick locals, in the hopes of finding Raymond.

The players did in fact not only find the necessary ingredients but Raymond Atell as well, after fighting their way past kobolds and massive dire wolves. Once he calmed down and stopped blurting fragmented statements about giant kobolds, talking wolves and mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, Raymond informed the players that he decided to help the people of Shurna because he had overheard his mother selling all of the medical supplies to a clerk of a wealthy noble.

Waiting at the edge of the docks, the players now have a new problem: how to get off this gods forsaken island AND avoid their warrants in Cassomir?


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