Three Kingdoms

The pan, the fire, the oven... it's all the same...

Session 3

Participants: Dominoe Bellmoore, Falcao, Mary Jay, Montana Rice, Reine, Zlatan

Stuck on Shurna the players were stuck with few options off the island. On one hand, there was Maggie’s hired help waiting to return the players, who were empty handed, to Maggie. On the other hand with the opportune timing true to his style was “Red”, sitting on the opposite side of the docks. The players hedged their bet and split up to try and seduce the small rowboats away from Maggie’s thugs as well as talk to “Red” to see if he had an offer to take them off the island. While Reine and Mary Jane were able to acquire the boats, the group decided to join “Red” who needed the use of “a group of criminals with the skills he needed”.

“Red” took the players aboard his ship, The Jezebell and informed them that their first job under his employ would be to rescue his first mate. Upon reaching the city of Asalam, across the ocean in The Free Cities, the players learned that "Red"’s first mate was sold into slavery. After a bar fight, a run-in with a halfling knifer gang, and fighting their way onto a slave barge, the players managed to the free all the slaves as well as the first mate.

Now the group will stay the night in Asalam and await to rendezvous with The Jezebell in the morning.


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